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Ervina Nur Amaliasari


Food insecurity is a global issue where UNDP has paid a keen attention to solve. The government of Indonesia has stipulated a set of regulation aiming to achieve food securi­ty and plate equilibrium by diversification instead of paddy rice domination. This paper aimed to find out whether cassava rice can complementary toward paddy rice and to provide solution how to upgrade the brand image of cassava rice equal to paddy rice. The systematic literature review method was applied, followed by comparison of findings that being proposed in the previous research.  The findings showed that cassava rice can be served as paddy rice state. Hence the position of cassava rice can also be equal to paddy rice since the portion of carbohydrate are needed substantially, where cassava rice can take place. The implication of this research is to provide the baseline for tourism vocational school and micro enterprise to implement experimental test to prove the benefit of cassava rice both in the form nutrition and recipe. The limitation of this research is based on methodology that it takes a longitudinal and laboratories results  as the backbone of the theory

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