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Irna Susanti
Ayat Taufik Arevin


Diabetes Mellitus (DM) is a collection of symptoms that arise in a person's as a result of the body having problems for controlling sugar levels and in function of individual pancreas.  One of the factors that influence DM is uncontrolled diet.  Planning and organizing a proper meal is an important supporter of the treatment process. Nutritional therapy is a major component of nutrition for DM patients. Also education is the main basis for the treatment and prevention of DM relapse.  Minimal knowledge about DM will lead to complications, this will burden the patient's family. The research objective was to look at food administration, nutritional intake and food acceptance satisfaction in DM patients at the Jakarta Sukapura Islamic Hospital (RSIJ Sukapura). Collecting data through observation of food administration in the nutrition installation of RSIJ Sukapura, and distributing questionnaires to 30 DM patients as a sample of respondents. The results showed that the flow of food administration was in accordance with and following the Regulation of the Minister of Health of the Republic of Indonesia Number 78 of 2013 concerning Hospital Nutrition Services Guidelines. The satisfaction level of patients with DM at RSIJ Sukapura on average is good for appearance and taste. For menu variations and dish arrangement techniques need to be further improved. Respondents considered very satisfied with the way the waitress service regarding attitudes and appearance was able to exceed expectations.

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